Cryptoanalytics: 5 Key Resources for Monitoring Cryptocurrency Prices

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3 min readFeb 15, 2021


Together with the crypto industry, sites began to develop that accumulate statistical data, store historical information, build charts and can even influence the market. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 key resources for monitoring cryptocurrency rates.


CoinMarketCap is known to both newcomers and old-timers of the industry. It is a free tool for surface analysis of cryptocurrencies. If a new coin appears on the market, basic information about it will soon be found on this website.

The main page, by default, shows the rating of coins by capitalization, indicating prices, trading volumes per day, the amount of currency in circulation, and other data. Information is updated every 5 minutes.

You can study the graph of the cost of each coin in more detail, go to the official website of the project, or see the development data. CoinMarketCap works stably, looks simple and understandable, quickly provides the necessary information, and does not annoy with unnecessary functions.


CryptoCompare is not limited to charts and statistics, publishes articles, tops, and training materials, collects news, maintains a forum, and allows you to track your personal investment portfolio.

The site has sections for traders, miners, investors, and ordinary users. There are reviews and ratings of crypto exchanges, wallets, ASICs, video cards, and ICO projects.

A visitor can create a profile, subscribe to cryptocurrencies or companies of interest, track transactions on different trading platforms, study historical information, and analyze the impact of social networks on the market. The price data on the site changes in real-time.


The site is a single tiled chart where each coin has a rectangle that is sized according to market share. On the site, you can see the price chart, daily changes, and trading volumes, market capitalization, and the protocol on which a particular cryptocurrency operates. In the side menu, you can filter data by type of currency and time, remove unnecessary coins and configure other parameters.

Despite the minimum of functions, Coin360 can quickly and visually represent both the state of the entire market and a specific currency. The site looks especially impressive during periods of total decline or growth.

Live Coin Watch

The main opponent CoinMarketCap appeared in September 2017 and has already managed to win back some of the audience. It has real-time data updates, a personal portfolio, a news aggregator, and other small, but handy options.

Live Coin Watch (LCW) received its first wave of popularity when CoinMarketCap suddenly removed data from South Korean crypto exchanges from its statistics, which slightly dropped the prices of cryptocurrencies. The creators of LCW quickly got their bearings and added a simple switch to the site for information from South Korea.


The site positions itself as a research platform for the cryptocurrency market. Its simple interface hides interesting features. For example, a price forecast for the next year, a summary of the profitability of each coin since its launch, and a cryptocurrency rating based on a heap of objective data: developer activity, brand and product quality, communication in social networks, and other features of a particular project.

According to the creators, CoinCheckin appeared in order to make the cryptocurrency market more transparent. The developers were engaged in investments, did not find a suitable resource, and created their own with fundamental analysis and predictive algorithms.

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