Today we will consider another altcoin XLM which is traded on our exchange.

It is worth starting with the project. Where does XLM originate from? The answer is simple, it originates from Stellar. Stellar is a decentralized open source blockchain network that aims to perform fast international transactions with any currency pairs.

This blockchain has its own Lumens token (XLM), and all operations are performed with its help.

History of creation

Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim created the platform in 2014, as an offshoot of the main Ripple platform. At first, Stellar was completely dependent on Ripple, but already in 2015, the team declared itself as a full-fledged and independent platform based on its own protocol.

The platform has never had a goal to take someone’s place or replace the already existing financial system, they sought to introduce cryptocurrency and new technologies into the already existing financial world.

At the moment, about 500 million transactions have already been carried out from 5 million accounts. Many companies of different sizes have chosen XML for transferring funds and for entering new markets.

XLM Feature

The main difference from BTC is that the platform is a decentralized ecosystem that provides and guarantees users transparency and efficiency during trading. Their main message to this day is to supplement, not replace.

XLM Forecasts

Since Stellar can be called a fairly friendly platform with the ability to send money anywhere, many companies will interact with this protocol, thereby increasing demand.

Given that the system works very quickly and with minimal commissions, we should expect further integration and distribution to the masses among ordinary people.

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